Fire salamander • Salamandra salamandra

“Das Tropenparadies” was founded in 1996 by Thorsten Holtmann and Volker Ennenbach. On its location at the Gute Straße in Oberhausen they started with just two employees. In 1998 their reptile cage system was changed to a modern aluminium/glas rack system.

The company moved to its current location in 2002 to optimize the animal care and to fulfil the growing demand. Since 2004 “Das Tropenparadies” started a breeding project that was first designed to produce European amphibians.

Now breeding is expanding to many important species for pet shops around Europe.

Today “Das Tropenparadies” is one of the most important “global players”, when it comes to reptiles and supplies companies in 22 countries all around the world. Breeders and exporters from 41 countries supply us with a variety of animals, that is hard to find anywhere else. 16 employees take care for our animals in more than 3000 terrariums.

Our ongoing visits to the most important breeders all over the world have given us deep insight to optimize the way we keep our animals and we coherently put that into action. Our 16 individually acclimated rooms are equipped with “state-of-the-art” technology and offer our reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates prefect conditions to adapt.