Thorsten Holtmann

Thorsten Holtmann, the renowned snake breeder, has been keeping reptiles since he was a child. He Made his apprenticeship in a tropical fish wholesale business and knows the pet industry since more than 20 years. His articles in reptile magazines about the keeping of many different kinds of herptiles made him well known to a greater public.

Volker Ennenbach

Volker Ennenbach has been working self employed in the reptile industry since 1982. His work as the director of "The Serpent's Egg" in Washington DC led him to visit the habitats of various reptiles and amphibians on more then 50 Trips. The well known amphibian specialist was even able to discover species that had not been known to science such as Avicularia azurklaasi, Megaphobema klaasi and Atelopus reticulatus.